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Journey Institute

Writer’s Program

This Year Long program begins with a 4-week boot-camp-style workshop designed to help you get your book kick-started and give you the structure you need to write; followed by weekly check-ins and monthly training / video meetings to support and help you get your manuscript finished.


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You have a book you want to write . . . what happens now?

You’ve wanted to write your book, tell your story, share with the world your ideas, for as long as you can remember. Maybe it will change the world, open people’s eyes, make a difference.  You want your book to be more than just a collection of pages. You want it to represent the words you put into it in a way that communicates your passion. Being an author is on your bucket list.  This is something you have to do.

Writing, however, is one of those things that looks and sounds easier than it is. It can be overwhelming just thinking about where to start.  Once you start, what happens next? How can you become the author you want to be on top of everything else?

What you are struggling with is exactly why we created this course. There are plenty of writing courses that will get you writing a book quickly.  We help you create the framework to write your best book, not just any book.  This course is about how to write.

Here’s how one of our authors put it:

The Journey Institute Writer’s Bootcamp gave me a highly flexible, reusable scaffolding for moving from ideas to completed chapters. Never cumbersome or overly rigid, each step built on the last until my own experience showed me I could do this after all!”


Program Features

What you will get

Start with a 4-week program with daily assignments, feedback, and community support.

Proven program to help you create your book outline, character development, and start writing chapters.

Custom goal-oriented program to help you get started writing your book, and the structure you need to finish your book after the program.

Access to private Social Media group and community engagement.

Following the 28 day course, you will have accountability partners to keep you on track. continued weekly goal setting and monthly video calls for ongoing writing training and support until you finish your manuscript.

28 Day Writing Bootcamp

Customized program designed to help you put together the structure you need to finish your book.


Become part of a community of authors with similar goals who support and encourage each other.


Insights, education, and transparency about JI Press and the publishing world.

Priority Consideration

Authors who complete the course receive priority consideration for their finished manuscripts.

“The format of this workshop helped me to frame my thoughts, and I have a great framework for moving forward. I’m not sure how I would have been able to organize my thoughts without it. I now have a great foundation to work from and I can’t thank you enough.”


Your Investment

  • 28 Days of focus on your book manuscript.
  • 15 – 90 minutes each day, improving your craft as an author.
  • Provide feedback to other authors. 
  • Be open to receiving feedback.
  • Attend weekly video calls.
  • After the course – weekly accountability check ins and monthly training. 

Our Investment

  • 80 Hours of intense interactive training with you and your cohorts during the initial boot-camp training.
  • Customized program developed to help you write your manuscript.
  • Daily personalized feedback and support throughout the program. 
  • Weekly Video Calls.
  • Private interactive group support.
  • Expertise as authors and publishers with our own ‘skin in the game’.
  • Continued weekly goal check-in and monthly video support calls for a full year.

FAQ Common questions about the program

“If you are looking for help writing a book this program is a good one to consider. You will get help identifying your “why” and your audience. You will learn how to organize your book and, by completing all assignments, you will find yourself well on the road to a complete manuscript.”

– Ron a satisfied participant

Only YOU can write your story.

Our next writing program will be in the Summer of 2021
Space is limited.