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Giving ordinary people access to the elite world of publishing. Journey Institute Press is a non-profit publishing house that focuses on telling the stories that otherwise would not be told with a focus on women, bipoc, and lgbtq+ authors.


A Note from the Publisher

We live in unprecedented times. A time when books are being banned at an alarming rate. Journey Institute Press stands against censorship in all its forms. We stand with and support all those who are dedicated to free expression and who work to defend and expand access to books for everyone, including librarians, educators, booksellers, journalists, and the writers themselves.
– Journey Institute Press

Our next Writers Program will begin in May 2023



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What makes Journey Institute Press different?


From conception, writing, publishing, and beyond.

Unreasonable Publishing

We are breaking the mold on traditional publishing models with no barriers to entry.


Our passion is our authors because we are authors too.



Tools built by authors for authors to help write, publish, and market.

Untold Stories

We are a publisher focused on women, bipoc, and the lgbtq+ communities.


We are flipping the profit model to benefit the author (the one doing all the work) over the publisher.


Journey Institute Press is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization created by Authors for Authors. Our goal is to create a truly Author-Focused Publishing House that provides the resources, tools, and support to help Authors succeed.

Our no-upfront-cost approach, while providing best in class editing and resources, means we rely on your generous support.

Each donation is put towards the editing and publishing costs for an author to help give voice to their work.