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A whimsy of colorful family members keeping each other from near disaster and headed for love, a fast-paced distraction of a mountain town kidnapping and attempted rescue, a driven retired Naval officer ‘making things right’ wherever she sees the need for practical mercy and justice, a mysterious and understated antiquarian bookstore owner with the key to a customer’s secret heritage. And more. 

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This new novel from Michael Jai Grant is a provoking, cinematic read that contends with ignoble parenting, senility and elder-care, and the wispy world of Teenagedom. These are self-empowered women intersecting at vastly different points in their lives; doing the wrong things for the right reasons in an improvised quest to redefine Home. Note: There are no guns in this story.

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The Limited Edition Bicentennial Cadillac Convertible Joy Ride
Grant, Michael Jai

Available wherever books are sold

or wherever books are sold


Student and TEDx Speaker, C. C. Cervantes Dunn is also a writer and poet. This collection of poetry spanning the last tumultuous five years or so of life, captures the rawness of what it means to be young and living through a pandemic. How life, difficult at best at this age, becomes much more complex when surviving a pandemic only to come out the other side with a whole new host of challenges as things get back to ‘normal’, whatever that means.


This new book from Michael Jenet is his first work of fiction. Initially conceived during the pandemic as he was answering writing prompts, this is a collection of the first three books in the series of Detective Inspector Jillian Scotte. These short-form stories are fast-paced, moving from scene to scene until the thrilling conclusion, with little time to breathe in between. 

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Cervantes Dunn, Chris Carmen

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Trouble Comes In Threes: Introducing Detective Inspector Jillian Scotte
Jenet, Michael R

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or wherever books are sold


As a nationally recognized spoken word poet Ms. Cornelius’ poetry focuses on her intersectionality as a black woman, social injustice, and self-love. Her work is unapologetic and aims to disrupt and cause people to get uncomfortable and, in the process, grow.