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Rachel Smith Rachel Smith is a former corporately dictated, now personally motivated, self-starter and entrepreneur.

Having lived and worked in New York City and Los Angeles for the past three decades, Rachel now divides her time between New York and Cape Cod with her love Jenna, her mom “The Judith” and her dog Kussie.

Rachel aims to empower other women through the telling of her stories and the recounting of the many instances when she didn’t Speak the F*ck Up, with the hope that it motivates them to discover and raise their own voices.

Rachel can be found at and hosting STFU events around the country.

Speak the F*ck Up is her first book.

Speak The F*ck Up

Speak The F*ck Up is a soul-searching excavation, an incredibly uncomfortable reckoning, and the start of a journey. It’s an intensely vulnerable and all-too-personal account of all the times the author failed to speak the f*ck up and what you can learn from that.


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Smith, Rachel

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