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Lisa Lee is the author of “The Heart of Teaching.

Lisa is a 35-year veteran educator with the honors of being named “Teacher of the Year” in DeKalb County, Georgia (2007) and Runner-Up “Teacher of the Year” for Colorado (2017). Over the years, Lisa Lee has taught in Georgia and Colorado elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, with a specialization in Gifted and Talented and a focus on the students who don’t always fit in a box.

An experienced TEDx speaker, Lisa embraces the TEDx platform as a gateway to deliver her messages of connection and relationship building that she so strongly believes in.

Her personal life philosophy is that “We’re put here on the planet to make life better for others. Period.” This belief is the foundation of her messaging in that making connections with others and building community can change lives.
Lisa lives in the Denver, CO area with her wife, 2 grandtwins, and her dog Rosa Barks.


The Heart of Teaching

You’ll come to realize just how much of a Superhero Lisa Lee is as you experience the wisdom and beauty of The Heart of Teaching.
– Jim Delisle, Ph.D., Professor, Author, Teacher
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Lisa Lee gives us permission to fall in love with (or back in love with) teaching. Inspiration, enthusiasm, passion, humor – if these are words you think no longer apply to the educational environment, read this book.

– S. Dugger


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