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Andrea Susan Valentine Gelfuso Goetz is the author of “My Modena – A Year of Fear, Laughter and Exhilaration in Italy“.

After her husband was given a job for a year in Italy, Andrea and the rest of their family joined him on the adventure; and what an adventure it was.

Often trying to do the simplest of things, her story captures the hilarity of an American in Italy trying to navigate a country that seems as foreign as should be familiar. She spent a year in Italy in an apartment that was like camping, with tile, in a town full of ancient churches, like God’s attic.  Come meet Melanie, a fashionista who can make ATMs bend to her will from a hundred miles away. Her landlady Giovanna, who taught her to make risotto as golden as her smile, and her husband, Raimondo, who stood by serenely as six firefighters tried to get Andrea and her family back into their 7th floor apartment – using a ladder truck.  Meet Piero, the artist who told her Modena’s most beautiful secrets, and Luca, who sold her boots so fabulous she re-soled them three times. Meet Danilo, Fabio, and Marcello, heart-stoppingly gorgeous Italians. And a mime who knew a lot more than he was saying.


My Modena

A Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy

My Modena is an utterly hilarious memoir of expat life in Modena, Italy.

– Christina Lynch, New York Times bestselling author of The Italian Party


“Every page of this marvelous book is a laugh-out-loud treasure as you walk along with Andrea on her incredible journey of frustration, exhilaration, laughter, and ultimately beautiful memories of a year she’ll never forget; and neither will you.”

– Journey Institute Press


My Modena Book Launch 2021

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My Modena: A Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy
Susan Valentine Gelfuso Goetz, Andrea

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