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Christy Belz, MSW is the author of “Oh God of Second Chances, Here I am again.

Christy is an empowerment coach and entrepreneur who is passionate about guiding people to live their best, most authentic selves personally, professionally and developmentally.

Named one of Colorado’s Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business in 2020, she is also a TEDx Speaker and a co-curator of TEDxCherryCreek, through which she encourages women to share their voice. Founder of the transformational UPROOT course, she can often be found reading the latest book in the personal growth and leadership genres or walking her dog in nature while keeping an eye out for heart-shaped leaves.

Christy lives in Denver with her husband and son.

Life Happens. We make mistakes or maybe aren’t our best selves. Sometimes the universe slams us with cosmic two-by-fours as a wake-up call to what we are (or aren’t) doing. The question is not whether you will be knocked down by life. The question is how do you get back up again?

Oh God of Second Chances, Here I Am Again is a book about what it takes to get back up again.

Through the vulnerable and honest journey of her own life experience, Christy takes readers on a journey of falling down and getting back up again with compassion and humor. Packed with tools to help you cultivate resilience, courage, authenticity, and find your way to come home to yourself.

With each step along the journey a tapestry of hope emerges. Suddenly, there’s a way forward, regardless of the struggles that lay ahead.

Christy, a seasoned social worker, draws on literary inspiration, research, and the wisdom of mystics, as well as women TEDx speakers who know a thing or two about falling down and getting back up again. Filled with exercises to help foster personal growth and the lessons she has learned from a lifetime of helping others get back up again and again; what emerges is a community you didn’t realize you needed to face this messy thing called life.


Oh God of Second Chances

Here I Am Again

A masterclass in courage, if you’ve ever wondered how to live well, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.
– Laura Thomas, Author of The Magic of Thinking Big

“A masterclass in courage, if you’ve ever wondered how to live well, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. With heartfelt wisdom and an infectious, humble sense of humor, Christy Belz made me feel like I was sitting down with my best friend to take honest, yet gentle, stock of my life.”

– Laura Thomas, author of The Magic of Well-Being

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