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2023 Youth

2023 Youth

2023 Videos

Session 1

Elias Earl Jazz Quintet | TEDxYouth@CherryCreek

Storytelling Problem Solving | Samuel Law

Social Media: What's Broken and How Gen Z is Fixing It | Alexandra Hammond

Bilingual Education Bridging Wounded Silence | Emmy Alvarez

Anyone Can Be a Superhero | Hadden Hatch

Human Connection and the Dangers of Assuming | Kai Calkin

The Non-Education of Sexualized Generations | Chris Cervantes Dunn

Session 2

Andrea Frishmuth - Irish Dance | Andrea Frishmuth

Peer Support and Youth Mental Health - This Is Real | Haylee Bass

Strengthening Youth Mental Health With Kindness | Aloukika Patro

ICWA - Saving Native Culture and Identity | Aidan Gover

Confessions and Cries of a Video Game Addict | Michael Zhang

Do You Live in a Neighborhood of People or Cars? | Jack Haag

Reframe your struggle into your superpower | Ryan Pool