Who and What we are

After Dafna Michaelson Jenet finished her 50 in 52 Journey of travelling to all 50 states in the 52 weeks of one year we found ourselves asking the question “what next?”.  We had learned so much on the Journey from the roughly 500 people she met and with such a vast network of ordinary people doing extraordinary things we found ourselves wondering how we could best put that knowledge to use in helping others.

The Journey Institute is the answer to our question.

We wanted to continue the work we began on the Journey of elevating, empowering, and engaging people to live better lives; to become their best selves solving problems that affected them and those around them; to build community where people come together with various skills and passions to find solutions that benefits everyone around them.

We knew a lot of speakers and organizations exist who do consulting on both a personal and professional basis but we were frustrated by the ‘shtick’ approach that seems to permeate seminars, conferences, and retreats around the world.  Moreover the so called ‘training packages’ that were touted to corporations and among the consulting world seemed canned and used a ‘one size fits all ‘ approach.

People aren’t one sized, one sided, or fit into a pre-conceived mold.  A team is made up of individuals and it is that very individuality that we want to elevate, empower, and engage.

We are passionate about helping people.  We created workshops and tools that have immediate impact.  Tools that anyone can use today to begin creating change at whatever level you are, or want to be.  At the organizational level we will take you From Team to Community.  

Our work is fostered on the notion that only in community can you create culturally relevant and sustainable solutions.


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