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2018 Videos

Session 1

Jasmine McBride | She Is Everything

Chelley Canales | What The World is Missing While You Wait For Permission

Abby Jones | From 'I Hate You' to 'Thank You'

Phylecia Jones | All Girls Are Good At Math

Emily Harvey | Asking for Help to Achieve the Impossible

Jennifer Burnett | Vocal Artist

Session 2

Jean East | Leading With Head, Heart, and Soul

Shahira Qudrat | Reexamine, Redefine, Reclaim Your Multi-American Identity

Karen Ruth White | She Who Laughs, Lasts

Dr. Savita Ginde | When Storytelling and Truth Collide

Lisa Lee | The Visibility Challenge of Aging

Teri Smith | Recovering Out Loud

Em Possible | Don't Give Up

Session 3

Barbara Gehring & Linda Klein | Kraft Corner

Kelly Dore | The Intersection of Vulnerability and Trauma

Johanna Walker | The Stories That Live In Our Bodies

Pat Jacques | What If Everything About Me is Inherently Right

Kïrsten Blake | Connecting On Our Humanity

Voices Rock | Showing Up