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Session 1

Cheetah McClellan | Strengths-Weaknesses-Mean Girls: Lessons in Leadership

Susan Frew | The Runaway Train of the Skilled Trades Crisis

Dixie Gillaspie | Feminine Traits and the Business Economy

Heather Kennedy | Disrupting Adultism

Ulcca Joshi Hansen | The Future of Smart

Jolene Park | Gray Area Drinking

Brooke Jones | Nourishment of the Soul

Session 2

Tracksuit Wedding | Tracksuit Wedding Musical Performance

Nadine Roberts Cornish | Conscious Caregiving

Debbie Foster | Sherpas | Climbing the Mountain of Bi-Polar

Erin Lessin Mahone | If You Could See Me - A Mental Health Story

Rosalie Chamberlain | The Impact and Fear of Bias

Eunice Hudak | Making A Space For Story

Jean Hendry | Challenging the Voice in the Mirror

Sally Spencer-Thomas | Stopping Suicide With Story