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Writing Reality

Common questions and misconceptions about writing.

Writing is lonely.

The act of writing can be a lonely endeavor because it is not something that can be done for you.
(If you hire a ghostwriter – they are the writer and thus they too must do the writing themselves).
However, writing doesn’t have to be something you do without help. Our Writing Program is structured in such a way that you not only have a community of support surrounding you, but you also have support throughout the year supporting you every step of the way.

When is the best time to write?

There is no “best” time to write. Like all things in life, if you wait until you’re ready to begin, you will never take that all important first step. Writing is a process, and every author has a unique method, timeline, and approach to their writing. Often, authors don’t begin because they don’t know where to start or what to do. 
That’s why we created the structure that is the foundation and initial component of our program. We want to help you start and give you everything you need to know what to do next, and after that, and after that. In short, we want to give you everything you need to begin, and finish, your manuscript.

All writing programs are the same.

No two writing programs are typically alike. Most writing programs offer different things for writers. Each has unique benefits that often cater to writers at different points in their writing journey. Some are time based and help writers write in short quick bursts. Others are theme or location-based writing retreats to help encourage focused writing. Still others help authors with genre-based writing providing skills and tips for specific genres.

At Journey Institute Press we created a program that is not focused on any specific genre, nor does it require leaving your home or attending a time-limited retreat. We created our Writing Program in such a way that no matter how fast or slow you write, how long or short your writing goals are, or what you want to write about, the structural component of the course will meet your needs. Once that structure is in place, we continue to support you with ongoing training and support for a full year. This way you have the best chance of completing your manuscript without worrying about time limits.

I’ve heard I have to write every day and I’m too busy to do that right now.

For the longest time new authors were told that there was one way to write. That way was consistency. Write the same time every day, in the same spot, for the same amount of time. Do that over and over again and you will finish your book. This works for some people. They need the discipline and structure that comes with this model. It does not, however, work for everyone. In today’s world, we now know that very successful authors become successful through a myriad of different writing styles. There simply is no one size fits all model to ‘how to be a writer’.

Although we created our writing program with a ‘boot-camp’ 4-week beginning to help you build the structure of your writing, this approach is very flexible in terms of how you accomplish those 4 weeks. Beyond that, we help you determine what your writing goals are including how much and how often you are going to write. We then provide you with the support to help you accomplish those goals.  The bottom line is that we want to meet you where you are as a writer, not where some arbitrary process says you should be.

Writing courses are too expensive.

We created this program during the pandemic. At that time, as people were sent home from work and money was getting tighter and everyone was unsure of what the future held, we didn’t want the cost of the course to be a barrier to entry. So, we offered a ‘pay what you can’ option, including the option to pay nothing. We wanted to help writers write, and if that meant doing it for free then we were willing to do that.

Since the end of the pandemic, our goals to eliminate those barriers to entry haven’t change. We still have the ‘pay what you can’ option. Of course, we think people are more vested if they pay for the course, even if that isn’t the full cost or they have to put it on a payment plan, but if that isn’t possible and they can’t afford anything we have scholarships to help with that. Our goals haven’t changed. We want to help writers write. Period.

Oh, and if after two weeks of the boot camp you don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth (no matter what you paid) just tell us. We’ll happily give you your money back.

I have an idea but don’t know where to start.

That’s what the beginning of our course is there for. To help you start. It doesn’t matter if you have an outline, a paragraph, a word, or just a thought. The structure we help you build from the beginning is fluid enough to be used over and over again so if you start writing with one idea and then suddenly decide you want to write something else that’s okay. The structure can help you do that. If you’ve already started writing the structure will help ensure you’re heading in the right direction. No matter what you want to write about, we can help.

I’m a terrible writer when it comes to spelling and grammar.

One of the myths about writers is that they’re good at everything. Writing, at its most basic form, is about getting your ideas, your thoughts, your stories, your material out of your head and onto the proverbial paper (whether physical or digital). There is a reason that a whole industry and group of professionals exist called editors. It’s their job to worry about how your words go together.

Additionally, a whole host of tools exist today that didn’t exist before. Most word processors these days come with spell checkers as well as editing style grammatical checkers to help you as you write. This, along with other facets of the publishing journey will help turn your words from the initial draft manuscript into a book.

You don’t need to be a perfect writer to write. Just write. The rest will take care of itself.

It seems like everyone is writing a book these days, why should I even bother?

It’s true that more books are published today than ever before. With advances in technology and the availability of that technology to more and more people, publishing a book is no longer a matter of being discovered or knowing someone in the publishing industry.

There is a reason, however, that even though more books are published each month than ever before, that you should write your book. That reason, quite simply, is that no one else can or will write it. Your words, your perspective, your thoughts, your book is uniquely yours because you are uniquely you. No one else will ever write the book you want to write. Not writing it deprives the world of what you have to offer. Don’t worry about what other people do or think when it comes to writing. Just write.

If you need or want help, we’re here to help you.