It used to be something fun.

The adorable young girl scouts going door to door asking you to support their troop, oh and the cookies were yummy.

Then it became a little more competitive and you’d get the parents bringing order forms to work to try and get their daughter over the top for that next level.

Of course, there was always the table at the grocery store.

Now… well, technology has arrived.

This Article talks about how the Girl Scouts are changing their business philosophy.

Sure, you can still buy the cookies from your niece, nephew, co-workers daughter or the tried and true girls who go door to door, but now the Girl Scouts are getting high tech.  Now you can get the APP and find out who has those boxes of cookies near you and get them almost instantly.  It’s like the organization isn’t satisfied with the competitions, now they want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your fix and never mind who sells the most cookies the old fashioned way.

What’s next?  Amazon Drone deliveries of thin mints in under an hour?