Be more creative, learn from the pros and find out where people play!

In today’s society we expect people to be able to generate content that reaches multiple audiences and is pushed out on a variety of platforms. What happens if you don’t write? What if you do not consider yourself a creative type? What if as an entrepreneur who is building your platform I told you that is no longer an option… Ugggg! Do not fret, the interwebs are full of ideas for generating content and helping you to develop your own level of creativity. Check out this article:
3 Paths to a more creative life

Now that you are flowing with creativity, lets take a peek at how Forbes thinks successful people use Social Media. I thoroughly enjoyed this article and I’ll give you bonus points if you can guess what resonated the most with me in this article. Put your guess in the comments: Forbes:
19 things successful people do on social media

Successful people know who their market is but how can you figure out what platforms on social they are using. Pew can help you with that. Take a peek at this recent research highlighting who is playing in what sandbox. Which platforms do you feel most confident on and do you think you can find your audience there:
Demographics of social media users 2012