What I have learned is that a large percent (not a scientific study) of all of the social media/social marketing related content I consume has a list. 5 best, 10 worst, 25 most surprising… the lesson we can take away is: to get read add a list OR to stand out don’t use one. You decide.

For this weeks readings we cover the gamut of articles intended to give you a view in to where social is going and a continued base for building your skills and understanding of how this method of communication and community building works. You may note that some of the authors will give you advice that is contrary to what I share. This serves as an opportunity for me to remind you that there is not only one way to approach this. You must find your groove and go about social in a way that makes sense for you, your clients and the growth of your business.

First up Guy Kawasaki. A very smart human. He is writing with authors in mind in this article but I urge you to replace the word author in your mind with entrepreneur. The lessons are still the same.

Guy Kawasaki’s 10 Social Media Tips for Authors

Did you ever think you would want to buy yarn from the internet? Did you ever buy yarn?? So you may not be a knitter but for those who work with fabrics you know that feel is a major part of the decision to buy. How did this little yarn shop make it big and make it in to the New York Times? Why successful social of course. Take a peek for yourself.

How Social Media Put a Tiny Yarn Shop on the Map

Where do we go from here: Why we get on our phones of course. At the beginning of almost every social media course I teach I tell people that this is the time for a smart phone. I even offer to write notes to resistant spouses or partners to encourage the purchase of one. Mobile is where we are headed as a primary platform. No one is feeling this more than the journalism industry. Read for yourself and begin to learn how to engage and be engaged in real time, on the go, on your phone. Still need a note? Email me.

5 reasons mobile will disrupt journalism like the Internet did a decade ago

And finally for today, we all want to know how we match up socially. Do I have influence or not, will people see my posts or not, do they like her more than me??? Sound a bit like middle school? Maybe it is, but it is also useful to see how you stack up and if people are seeing your content. I have been a user of Klout for a long time. Now there is another competitor of influence measurement on the market, Social Authority. Entirely Twitter based it is still another way to see if your thoughts are being amplified and to find those who are doing it well and follow their lead.

Social Authority: Our Measure of Twitter Influence

In the comments please let me know how you think you can use mobile and how you related today’s lists to your entrepreneurial venture. What resonated the most with you today?