Apparently, research shows that your mood first thing in the morning affects your productivity all day long.

That’s probably not earth shattering news but how often do you pay attention to your mood when you first wake up?  For  most of us the answer is somewhere between little and none.

Many of us have rituals we follow in the morning.  No, not some sports-like superstitious ritual we have to follow lest bad luck come after us, but simply what we do most days, each day, when we wake up.  The challenge, however, is how much of that morning ritual is spent getting us ready mentally and emotionally for the day ahead?

When I ran across an article in TIME from Eric Baker called 3 Secrets to Having a Better Morning I found it full of wonderful nuggets to help get our morning rituals focused on getting us ready for the day ahead not just dressed for it.  Not only did Mr. Baker fill the article with plenty of research-backed information but his 3 secrets centered something that makes sense to me.

Basically, his 3 secrets center around:


But it’s what’s in each of these ‘secrets’ that jumped out at me.

Read the article and you’ll see that it’s all about asking questions.  I know right?  ON top of that, with his first secret of Purpose he talks about a Japanese study around those who have ikigai which is another passion of mine.

There’s far too much in the article for me to try and distill here, read it for yourself, it’s packed full of amazing questions you can ask to not only help you get your day started in a positive direction, but also change the direction of your life.  It will help you find perspective around the purpose for your life, learn how to get control around your life, set goals, and start with the optimistic fuel we need to be productive and accomplish our goals during the day; all of which leads to our ultimate goal of feeling happy day in and day out throughout our lives.

Summing it all up, this is a great article to help you live A Better Life and step one is all about asking questions.