Every year, on September eleventh, those of us who lived through the horrific attacks and tragic loss will pause and remember the awfulness of the day.

Today, as in year’s past, social media is awash with ‘never forget’ or ‘always remembered’ memes, photos, and posts; and rightly so.

But do most of us really “never forget”? I mean, yes, we remember the day and days and weeks that followed; but outside of family and friends of those who were killed that day we are not reading names or listening to the live broadcast as names of the fallen are read.

And while, like all horrible parts of history such as genocides and mass shootings, we should never forget those who were taken or what these acts mean to our country perhaps we should also be looking ahead.
Equally important, perhaps, is understanding who we are as a country now as we look back and reflect on that terrible day. What are we doing to not only prevent this atrocity from happening again in terms of security, but also what can we do in the world as a people.

How often do we truly take Gandhi’s advice to be the change we want to see in the world?

Are we, as individuals, as groups, as communities, as states, as a nation, a country truly able to look in the mirror and say we are ‘being’ the change we wish to see in the world in others?

It is vitally important to remember the actions of 9/11, especially the brave and courageous souls who lost their lives that day simply by being in the wrong place, doing their jobs, or trying to help others.
Let us also look ahead.
Let us remember 9/11 from a future that is brighter and better than the memory of the awfulness that was.