I admit it, I fall for the click-bait titles now and again.  Sure, some are annoying, but every once in a while you find a gem.

I’m a Tony Robbins fan to be sure, but I certainly have seen my fair share of click-bait surrounding him even from his own facebook ads.

So I was torn between intrigue and skepticism when I saw this title: Is This the Next Tony Robbins? The Purpose-Filled Rise of Mastin Kipp.

Clearly intrigue won or we wouldn’t be having this interaction., but here’s the thing.  It’s a really good article.
I had never seen Mastin Kipp’s videos before but sought them out after reading the article.

The focus of Mr. Kipp’s message is helping you to find your PURPOSE.
Turns out, even Martin Kipp uses questions.

According to this article the key to finding your purpose lies in asking two questions, and those two questions are really powerful. The whole article is worth reading, but I know you want to see those powerful questions, so here they are.

“How do I want to feel?”
“How do I want those I serve to feel?”

Think about that for a moment. If you ask those two questions to determine your purpose, your answer will lead you to a powerful purpose for your life.
Then again if you ask the second question every day in your business and life it will drastically improve the way you live.

Either way, those two questions can have a dramatic impact on all that you do.

Do you have powerful questions you believe can help others as well?