A Magical Gift of Lasting Happiness

I don’t know quite how to say this. I’ve been trying to figure out the right words for a while now so if they come out wrong, please forgive me.

Some time ago I was given a gift.

I thought it was just a nice gift, an ordinary gift. It was, after all, a book.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE books. I read ALL THE TIME.
I’m usually reading 5 books at the same time (don’t ask, I’m just weird that way).

And so, perhaps, because I always have a pile going, that was why I didn’t realize this gift right away was magical.

Strange really, now that I think back on it, because it has the word Magic right in the title.

Anyway, eventually, I picked it up, it was next on my ‘to read pile’. No, wait. That’s not quite true. For reasons I didn’t yet understand, I put it at the top of the ‘to read pile’ by-passing other books that have been there for quite some time waiting their turn. The reason is that this was a special gift, given by one of our recent TEDxCherryCreekWomen speakers. We were celebrating the amazing event with everyone a few days after it had all finished and she came running back in with a pile of her just-published books asking if she could “gift” one to each of us.

I happened to be the first person she ran into so I got the first one. It felt very special. It was so kind. So, I put it on top of the pile. And as soon as time allowed, I opened the cover.

Look, I already told you that I read a lot, and by a lot, I mean…. well…. a lot. Take however many books you read if you think you read a lot and quadruple it. Yeah, that many.
And I’ve been reading a lot of books since I was very young. And while I read all kinds, I’ve focused a lot of my reading on books that help me, and the world in general, lead better lives.

I’ve even written a couple of books like that myself.
One of them, is about questions. I love questions.

So, when I opened the cover of this magical gift, I was pleasantly surprised when questions began appearing among the pages.

It’s a quick read, it’s barely 100 pages and most of them aren’t even filled with words.
I had to slow myself down as I read it. I wanted to read it in one day. But I knew I shouldn’t.
Every page.
Every section.
Every lesson.
I needed to slow down and listen to the words I read in my head.

There’s so much magic in this book, I couldn’t begin to tell you even if I tried.

I have never…. EVER…. read a more amazing book about life, about helping all of us as we try to live each day in this crazy messy world of living that we have.

I know, it sounds crazy to make such a bold statement, but I’m telling you. If anyone is qualified to judge a new book on how it impacts people’s lives it’s me. I’ve read so many of them.

I told you this wouldn’t come out right.

Here’s the thing.
Read this book.
It’s not full of stats or charts or research and analysis.
It’s just a conversation from one of the most thoughtful caring people you’ll ever meet. It’s gentle and kind while packed with powerful soul-filling wisdom.

Really, it’s like you’re sitting down over coffee or tea and she’s talking to you and all you want to do is write down every single thing she’s telling you because it’s so profoundly important….

Except she wrote it down for you and put it into a beautiful pink cover for you to take with you.

I don’t write book reviews, I don’t have time.

Do you want to find a way to live with all the chaos and turmoil in your life and not only live but find joy in all that you do?
Do you want to feel seen and heard, just as you are?
Do you want to figure out what lasting happiness could actually look and feel like?

Read this book.
And when you finish it, don’t give it away, you’re going to need to read it again later. There’s no way you can absorb everything in one reading even though there’s nothing ‘hard’ to read in any of the pages.
Some of the pages only have a couple of sentences… but you’ll want to read them again.

So maybe get two books. One to read and one to give to your best friend.
I’m serious, and by the way, you’re welcome.

Thank you Laura for your magical gift.
Not just the book.

link to the book: https://www.amazon.com/Magic-Well-Being-Modern-Lasting-Happiness/dp/1734171715