Every once in a while I come across an article that encapsulates lots of information into a compact and useful set of tools. THIS article is one of those. The 10 Proven Tips To Get What You Want is an excellent list pulling together the best ideas you can get from reading a multitude of books or attending seminars and combines them for you into one place.

What the article lacks,however, is the how; the details of how to accomplish these things. But, assuming you are someone who has heard or read or listened to other sources on these topics this article can be a quick reminder and a ‘short list’ of what you need to do to achieve that Better Life you dream of.

Of course, the simple “how” could start with questions. If we look at the tools, here are some questions for each of the tools listed in the article.

#1 – What is your Passion and Purpose in life?

#2 – What would your “vision” look like if it made your heart pound and your soul soar?

#3 – What are three major Milestones that you need to achieve along your Journey to a Better Life?

#4 – What are three specific, measurable, and attainable goals for each of your Milestones?

#5 – What is one Action you can take for each of your goals?

#6 – What can you do across Social Media to project the positive energy you want and need to receive?

#7 – What QWIP’s can you ask in the AM and PM that help you ACT as though you are already attaining your Better Life?

#8 – What Mantras can you use to help you ignore the negative doubters in your life?

#9 – How can you use the Power of IF to help you overcome your fears?

#10 – Who are the people in your life who believe in you and how can you harness their power of belief?

Read the article and use these questions as a starting point and before you know it you will be well on your way in your Journey to a Better Life.