I like the way Liz Petrone writes; like we’re just sitting down over coffee and she’s telling me a story.  Her story.
I ran across her post: Learning How To Reframe My Thoughts Is Healing My Soul and it read like a short story I couldn’t put down, but with much greater impact.

Sure the title hooked me, but it was her writing and her message that resonated.

In her post she asks one question.  (Okay, come one, you knew if I was writing about it it was going to have something to do with questions.) Anyway, her posit? “Can the simple act of looking at something differently be a revolution?”

Uhmmm YEAH! Duh!
But I digress.

What’s powerful about her post isn’t that it’s radically new, but that she re-frames it in a way that is.  And that’s the whole point of the article.  Re-framing.
Perhaps the most powerful thing she says in her post is that when she re-frames a thought and comes up with a new thought, she says (referring to the re-framed thoughts): “And here’s the thing: This feels truer than any of the rest of it ever has anyway.”


So take a few minutes and read her post.
Your revolution awaits.

Oh, and you’re welcome.