I miss Honor.

I miss the honor and camaraderie that we see depicted in movies like The Three Musketeers or the jedi knights of Star Wars.

The kind of Honor where people stood for something that mattered.  Something good.  Something just.

It used to exist in America and England and France.  It was called Patriotism.

It seems that now we are more divided than united.  More worried about immigration and political views, more divided over the 1% and the state of unrest in various parts of the world than we are united in ways we can make this world a better place.

Honor was about believing in something bigger than ourselves.

People seem more concerned with themselves now than ever before; more concerned with passing blame than working together on solutions.

We’ve lost our Honor, our Respect, our US.

We need to stop focusing on I and Me, and get back to US and WE.
We are all together in whatever ‘this’ is.

I miss the time when honorable people did honorable things, together, for all of us.


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