No, not CPR (or as it’s known; “the breath of life”).  I’m talking about breathing…. not only because we need to breath to live but because we are now beginning to discover what many in eastern cultures and philosophies have long known… that how we breathe can lead to a A Better Life.

But does how we breathe do more than simply help us meditate or do yoga better? In this fascinating ARTICLE I read I learned about how it can help us do everything from helping us recognize danger better to improving our memory to helping us make better decisions.

A lot of people have written books about the power of breath and certainly many practices take breathing into account as part of their healing properties.  Now science, and specifically neuroscience is beginning to link breathing to how it affects our brain and our lives and even why it works on a biological level.

Although just the beginning in this field of study this article provides a glimpse into the power of breathing.  Great stuff.

Do you practice any type of specific breathing in your day?  I’d love to hear how.