It’s that time of year when social media explodes with all the things we’re thankful for and pictures of delicious food, family gatherings, and visits from faraway friends; oh and did I mention food?

Of course, there’s the ever-familiar refrain of “pass the potatoes” and “how many servings of Turkey did YOU eat this year”, and lest we forget “How many helpings of pumpkin/pecan pie did you have?’

Which got me to thinking.

Servings and Service are quite similar.

Helpings and Helping too.

Which then led me to reflect on all the people who AREN’T celebrating Thanksgiving because they SERVE and HELP others.

Hospital Staff.

The Police.

The Fire Department.

Our Utility workers keeping the lights on, the gas working, the water flowing.

The Grocery Store employees who are there when you remember what you forgot?

Restaurant employees who serve Thanksgiving meals.

Movie Theater Employees

Last but certainly not least, everyone serving in the Military.

I’m sure there are plenty of other professions I haven’t listed who work in a field that is open/running 365 days a year, and while I admit I don’t often think of their sacrifices every day, on this day, I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank You.

I’m very grateful for all that you do, even if it doesn’t directly affect me.  Someone, somewhere, needs you and your sacrifice is much appreciated.