Platitudes & False Promises – The ONE BIG reason why the naysayers have it wrong.

Have you ever come across a video talking about some ‘secret to success’ or read a post about ‘the 5 things successful people do’ and then read the comments or even had people comment on your own shares saying things like these are just platitudes, false promises, don’t buy into it?

Or perhaps you’ve even read blog posts or seen other videos that put down notions such as Follow your passion or how Never giving up is the surest way to success?  These naysayers will give you statistics, real life examples, maybe even their own, of people who have “risked it all to go after their dreams” only to lose everything.  They’ll poo poo any notion of failure as stepping stones to success and don’t even try to mention Do what you love and the money will follow because they can give you a thousand examples and excuses as to why that’s a false promise.

Here’s the thing though.

When it comes to platitudes, work ethics, strategies of success; call them what you will, often times these stories or examples are usually referenced by motivational speakers, inspirational guru’s, or keynote speakers at corporate and other live events.  Or they’re written in sales or business books by successful entrepreneurs or retired business people wanting to pass on lessons they’ve learned.

And this brings us to the ONE reason why those who naysay these popular notions meant to spur people onto success, to help motivate and inspire dreamers to dream and act upon their dreams, are completely and utterly wrong.

It’s simple.  The people who claim to be ‘realists’ or want to give you the ‘truth’ about being successful…. aren’t.

Think about it.

Have you ever heard a truly successful person stand up and say “yeah, all that mumbo jumbo about never giving up, following something you’re passionate about, failing more than you succeed… it’s all crap.”


You only hear that from people who gave up, weren’t really following their passions (or they wouldn’t have given up) and after a few failures threw in the towel.  Like the old principle of crabs in a bucket they now simply want to pull you back down to ‘reality’ because they didn’t succeed.

The simple answer to the question of “what does it take to be successful” is as it has always been.

Find something you are passionate about.
Surround yourself with people who believe in and will support you.
Learn from those who have gone before you (and made it).
Don’t give up.

Don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.
Everything else is just noise.