I saw a video recently that got me to thinking.

There are a great many people online worrying about the new presidential administration, about the future of the global economy, about the possibility of losing rights, immigration issues, and much much more.

This video caught my attention not because I wasn’t familiar with the Law of Attraction but because of how it explains it. In the video he talks about thoughts and actions, the power of focus, the power of IF, and even discusses how Questions all play a part in the Law of Attraction.  I seriously began to wonder if he had read ASK: The Questions to Empower Your Life.

The point is, this 15-minute video really does a great job of explaining the Law of Attraction without the mystical, as he calls it “woo woo”, stuff often associated with it.  And so I thought I would share it with you.  If you know about the Law of Attraction, this video is a great reminder of the power of our focus.  If you don’t know much about the Law of Attraction this is a really good primer and explanation video.  And, if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in all that mumbo-jumbo, consider this:  You’ve been going through life the way you have all this time and if it hasn’t worked for you, try doing it differently and see what happens.

Either way, the point of this post, and why this video could help with your fears about the future of our world and our country is that the Law of Attraction works no matter how it’s used; think about that.