Social marketing clients of mine are always wondering how they can reach the holy grail of social media mastery: getting something to go viral. In today’s readings, all from my very favorite social media resource: Mashable, we have girls going viral, A 3D printer start-up raking in the cash and Twitter taking the leap in to video, and what the magic 8 ball has to say about upcoming marketing trends. Enjoy the reading and in the comments please let me know which of the three resonated with you and the business you are building and why.

Girls Go Viral

Kickstarter Success

Twitter does Video

And last but not least marketing predictions for 2013.



18 thoughts on “Going viral, getting money, tweeting vids, Magic 8 Ball

  1. It’s amazing to see what these girls did! I’ve been seeing other pictures on face book with the same exact sign. Interesting!!

    1. The most relevant that I felt more cotacted was seeing the video seeing the CEO of Twitter trying to create change by creating new ways to upload videos on Twitter. Hopefully, one day I can see myself create change with my business I would love to see one day in the world.

  2. My two top favorites were the little girls from Facebook and the 3D printer. I was amazed by what the little girls were able to accomplish and it comes to tell you that there are no barriers as to what you can and can’t do. There is no age limit, there is no reason for anybody to not be able to accomplish something great. Which takes me to the 3D printer. Amazing innovation and yet another reason for why nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it. I am hopeful that one day, maybe I’ll be able to build something as awesome as this or even better.

  3. My personal favorite is the article about Twitter acquiring Vine to allow the capability to upload short video to your twitter account. Although I am not yet a twitter user, I find value in this venture because there is a huge population of people that seek visuals. I believe this could be a valuable move for Twitter.

  4. This is a cute story providing a warm and fuzzy post about how quickly people can participate in a group experience in a quick timeline!

  5. interesting articles….

    1. The viral puppies-never underestimate the power of social power/interactions.

    2. The quickstarter success had interesting points. As with all technology it has potential benefits but some issues and complications to work out.

    3. The twitter does video thing seemed useless. Given our use and increase of technology, by all means agree with the video thing, but how can you possible make six second videos worth anything.

  6. My favorite was the picture for the dad, because it was just a picture asking for likes and it went viral. It would be amazing if something so small could go viral and raise awareness for our current businesses and projects in life.

  7. The article about the girls going viral is a good example of how useful social media has become to spread word or visual on a subject or matter. Very inspiring to use social media for promotion!!

  8. I was one of the likes on this page! I think it is amazing how quickly this happened. Imagine the possibilities! Endless amounts of puppies!

  9. I liked the aspect of the girls on face book with the sign to be able to get a puppy at 1,000 likes, it is cool to see young girls using marketing as a resource to achieve their goals

  10. All of these articles are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing the love! I personally love kickstarter as a whole. The article itself was more about the product then the actual source of marketing. I have had many friends use kickstarter and have been extremely successful because of it. For my personal project kickstarter resonates with me strongly. As for the articles little girlies going viral is amazing! Definitely my favorite. So inspiring and uplifting. Goal achieved in less than 7 hrs. Such a great reminder that NOTHING is impossible. 🙂

  11. I really liked the girls trying to get a puppy! It amazes me how fast things go viral. Unfortunately, there are way to many scams and bad people that do the same. I wish they were all as genuine as these little girls!

    1. i totally agree, and have had first hand experience with these scams that have gone viral so quickly people dont pick up on them in time to determine the lack of validity to them leading to innocent people (like myself) getting screwed over in the long run! hmph.

      however on the flip side, its amazing to see how the positive side of things can work out too from peoples post becoming viral, and those are the ones that i hope to continue to be a part of and promote, enabling the “viral affect” to take place 🙂

  12. I enjoyed reading about the girls going viral to recieve a new puppy. It was an eye opener to see how social media can be used in a positive manner to recieve huge numbers (of likes) in such a short time frame. It actually motivated me to start thinking of creative ways to market my business! I also liked the stats and info that was given in the marketing predictions for 2013. The section I liked most was about looking past the actual number of likes a page has and how much interaction actually takes place on the pages.

  13. Who can resist a puppy? And pit innocent (but somewhat sophisticated) little girls, a warm cuddly puppy against a “troll” (but somewhat compliant) of a father is a paradigm for sympathy, kindness and compassion. But these little girls took it a step further, they had a call to action! In sales terms, they presented their case, asked for the order and closed the deal. There is an old Yiddish saying, “You don’t ask, you don’t get.” And a challenge never hurts either.

    Bravo to these little girls! This may be a life lesson learned for all. I pity the poor parents!

  14. Maxim Lobovsky, says, “We put a lot of effort into nice photography and a good video, but you know in the end it really comes down to people recognizing that this is a new and interesting product, and that’s the most important thing.” High production quality is important in marketing of any product. The next big thing – even at a very accessible price – could have been the next crap thing! Everything that you do (business card, blog, tweet, web site, etc.) also reflects the quality of your product.

  15. I really enjoyed the kickstarter reading since I have been discussing a kickstarter campagin with the band. I have been trying to anaylze the sucess and failures of kickstarter campaings but I feel we need a stronger internet presence before we try to dive into this venture.

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