I love card decks.

Magic Cards, Angel Cards, Playing Cards, it doesn’t matter, I just love the portability of bringing information with you.

It’s why I created my own QWIP’s Cards to help people with my concept of Motivestions.

SO, when I came across this article: The Genious Deck Helps Reset Your Brain When You’re Stuck on a Problem you can bet I was intrigued.  I love the simplicity of this and while it’s a ‘virtual’ deck I still love the idea of it.

To recap:

  • Cards.
  • Easy to use.
  • Virtual (access from any device).
  • Free.
  • Helps you get unstuck when you have a problem.

Uhm.. YEAH.  What are you waiting for?

What other ideas do you have for tools to help you solve problems when you’re stuck?