According to this article in the New York Times:  A New Therapy for Insomnia: No More Negative Thoughts One in Ten people suffer from Insomnia. 10% of the population.

So, the gist of this article is that one  key element of cognitive restructuring (the therapeutic science the article says is the best way to help those with insomnia) challenges you to re-frame negative ways of thinking.

There’s much more to this article of course, but the basic premise is that negative thinking when you go to bed or can’t fall asleep is contributing to your not being able to sleep.  The article even cites online courses that one can subscribe to that help you with this re-framing.

I have another solution to offer.  I don’t do shameless plugs but in this instance I’m going to indulge.  Read My Book!  ASK: The Questions To Empower Your Life.
If negative thoughts are keeping you up at night I have the solution for you.  My whole book is based on how re-framing questions can help you live a Better Life.  I even created QWIPs Card Decks to help.

It’s cheaper than online programs and gives you all the tools you need to start asking better questions, I’m just sayin’.